program overview

The Fighter Within (TFW) is a coach-driven wellness coaching company that focuses on helping people create fulfillment in their lives.  This fulfillment comes from participating in a deliberate, daily practice of working within the Five Dimensions of Wellness.  These dimensions (also known as "The 5 C's") are Core, Consciousness, Connection, Career and Community.  Working daily in each of these provides an unrealized amount of power to one's life.  TFW is owned and operated by Scott Ramsdell.  The protocol used in this program is based on his knowledge, skills and personal experience.  It is taken from his own  journey and is tailored specifically to the client's wants and desires.  This is not a training program.  You will not be hand-held and you will do all the hard work.  TFW will show you the path, but you must choose to walk it.  This is not comfortable and will not be over quickly.  Truth will be shown and lies will be exposed.  But in the end, it is worth it.  If this scares you and makes you second think your choices, then this program is for you!