Coaching protocol overview

  We coach in the 5 Dimensions of Wellness also known as "The 5 C's".  These are identified as Core, Consciousness, Connection, Career and Community.  A deliberate, daily practice must include each of the five dimensions.  Without it, people often find themselves living lives filled with guilt, shame and regret. 


Coaching Protocol Overview

At The Fighter Within (TFW), we coach from a position of integrated wellness.  Most people are one or two dimensional beings.  You often see people that are hugely successful in one or two areas of their lives. It is very seldom to find people that are successful in all aspects of their lives.  At TFW, we see people in five dimensions and believe that daily work must be done in each of these five dimensions.  Without this integrated daily work, people often find themselves going through life unfulfilled and unmotivated.


Core Wellness Dimension

Core is where total wellness starts.  It includes all things body, including activity, rest, and food.  The Core gives the foundation required to have a complete and fulfilled life.  Without a strong, efficient, weaponized Core, one cannot maintain their  footing nor can they weather the inevitable storm .


Consciousness Wellness Dimension

Consciousness is also referred to as Spirituality Wellness.  This includes believing in  something bigger than yourself.  It does not necessarily refer to religion but to some, it does.  Consciousness is unique to the individual and is often referred to as one's "guiding light or path.


Connection Wellness Dimension

Connection is quite simply relationship wellness to others.   This is what humans crave and simply whither and die without.  Humans are social creatures and without connection there is only loneliness.


Career Wellness Dimension

Career is what you do for a living.  It can be full time, part time or whatever the individual determines it to be.  Some define this by financial accomplishments while others define it as personal fulfillment.  Career coaching can be tricky as one tries to put profit and fulfillment into harmony with one another.


Community Wellness Dimension

Community is the world around us.  No one lives in a vacuum.  True fulfillment involves an unselfish attachment to making the world a better place.  This can range from effecting positive change on one person or an entire society.  It is self determinant and ultimately involves sacrifice.  In the grand scheme of things, Community wellness is the ultimate goal of any coaching platform.