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productivity body challenge

Watch the video

Practice the technique

Never sacrifice quality for speed

Complete as many Jack/Push/Climb repetitions as you can in five minutes

Make sure to count your repetitions

Report your results to The Fighter Within Facebook Page

Keep training!

The Blog

365 Day Productivity Planner

This FREE 365 day Productivity Planner will help to set you up for success.  Each day page is separated into a Priority List, Daily Schedule, Task List and a Reflection Section.  This Planner is good from January 1st through December 31st.  It is a great way to ensure daily wins!

Productivity Planner (pdf)


Meditation Audiobook


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This thiry-four minute audiobook will give you  an introduction into the world of Meditation.  The step-by-step process takes you from introduction to execution.  Once paid for, the audiobook will be elctronically sent to you within 24 hours.